Foody Club — Ordering and Delivery Food Service. UI/UX Design, Brand Identity Design

The Challenge 

Build one service for parallel audiences: people who want to order dinner at home and restaurants and bars who manage orders, update prices and inventory and advertise the best propositions. Launch in short-term food delivery service in Montenegro. Provide users with main features, such as determining your position, real meal photos and updated prices, rates and comments, 24/7 Support (Serbian and Russian). 

Brand Identity
Analyze our target market and the category of this service we propose to use fresh colors for interface, work properly with graphic quality for advertisement and website. Make logo friendly and fun for our users, make website handy and user friendly 

UI Design & Development
Website and management system have become 100% responsive, that gives our users lots of opportunities. If you feel hungry, you may open website on your smartphone, order a tasty lunch in just a few steps and in 30 minutes you’ll get it. 

As a restaurant management, you get email and sms-notification that someone created a new order. Some of our clients have loved this system so much, that they changed priorities for orders between restaurant visitors and website users, and now they prepare dishes for our web users first :) 

Also we think about the people who deliver food to our customers. They might not have smartphones or tablets to work with Foody Club System, that’s why we’ve connected a printer to every restaurant that will automatically print orders if they changed status to “Approved”.

Foody Club was developed with a great help from my best friends Lucky-Look.Pro 

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