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The Challenge
GdeTrafic” is a analytical mass media for arbitration, marketing, and seo. Unique content, interviews with interesting guests of the project, an honest review of affiliate programs - that’s what today's webmasters are interested in. As a lead designer I was responsible for the launch of a MVP of the product in short terms - in less than 1 month, that included brand identity, responsive website design and development.

Experience Design
Analyze tracking, create surveys, collect feedback and a collection of user suggestions. Develop prototype and design product v2. Work on optimization of page load speed, improving readability of the text by the creation and using the corporate identity for the text decoration. Internal optimization of project publications: a timer for publications, automatically adding copyright to graphics, serial image download, open comments
As a result - growth of the loyal audience.

Visual Design
The idea of daring open uncensored project is clearly shown on the logo "GdeTrafic". We saved the balance between the stark contrast of the two basic colors, red and black, and easy-to-read font Calibri, which is well suited for headings and body text.

Style Guidelines for Developers
Prepare a guideline, which is used not only by developers, but also a team of journalists.

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