One Card — First Loyalty Program in Montenegro. UX Design, Analytics, Business Goals

The Challenge 
For 1,5 year the project was in a frozen state. The company used old landing page for loyalty website. Different style types make identity less recognizable; old site without social activity; low attendance, lack of interest of partners. 
Experience Design
Analyze target audience, I totally changed the concept of loyalty program and made an accent on information that people are really interesting in.
Give your audience what they want and help loyalty partners increase incomes
— Loyalty concept

Visual Design
As a loyalty card holder you’re able to find new & preferred deals from best stores, restaurants, bars, taxi and other commercial companies. Sort your search results by preferences, prices, locations and categories. Find up-to-date prices, rates & reviews, share best deals with your mates. 

Marketing Strategy
Strengthen brand position. Increase brand recognition in Montenegro among cardholders and partner companies. Help partners with marketing and promote their own brands. Prepare events and presentations of loyalty program.

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